Mojo Pedals K2 Klone
Mojopedals K2 Klone

Got my hands on one of these guys a few months ago, and have been gigging with it steadily since. These days when I’m playing rhythm guitar for a gig, I’m finding myself stacking the K2 with another OD or clean boost and using it as my source of grit.If you don’t know the backstory behind the original Klon Centaur, let me break it down quickly:

In the early ’90s, a guitar enthusiast named Bill Finnegan began handcrafting a line of overdrive stompboxes that became an instant phenomenon in the world of boutique pedals. A limited number were produced, and today the original models sell on eBay between $800-1500.

There are literally thousands of clones on the market based off the Klon’s circuitry, and I got to play around with a few – the Electro-Harmonix Soul Food and the Lovepedal Kalamazoo. With all dials at half mast, the K2 provides so much more clarity than either of these mass produced pedals. Also, with the gain up around 7-8, the Soul Food starts to get extra hissy with the AC30 (even on clean).. I’m not getting any noise from this Mojopedal. Extra features include a buffer, and a bass boost that adds some low frequency girth. I’m digging the additional switches, but if you’re looking for an exact Centaur replica then the Lovepedal might be for you.

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Edit: I had some crackling issues with the K2 a few weeks ago – Rob told me to send it in – immediately diagnosed and fixed the issue. No problems since. Mojo customer service is spot on, and the build quality is still much higher than that of similarly-priced, machine-manufactured Klon clones.