macseal EP
self-titled EP by Macseal

Rating: 4/5

Favorite track: 5:45 a.m. (Not fun)

Sounds like: Algernon Cadwallader, Modern Baseball, The Front Bottoms

New macseal is angsty. Just the right amount of Always Sunny reference.  I got to speak to rhythm guitar/vox Ryan Bartlett and discuss.


Axe Junkie: Did you guys self-produce?

Ryan: Yeah we self produced, our lead guitarist Cole (Szilagyi) did all the mixing.

AJ: Your Vanessa Carlton video was dope.

Ryan: Oh man haha yeah, that was a while back, but thank you!

AJ: Do you guys play out on Long Island often?

Ryan: We do yeah, this past summer was probably the most we have played for a while, but I think once we all reassemble we are gonna try doing some weekenders somewhere else just to get out there.

AJ: What kind of gear do you guys play?

Ryan: We all have some pretty varied stuff, me personally I go between a 68′ mustang which is my favorite, and a road worn tele, which is also cool as heck. I play through a twin reverb and as far as pedals I use an OCD over drive and a tuner, nothing major, the other dudes have similar setups, our lead guitarist uses a DL4 pretty frequently

AJ: Any plans for another release?

Ryan: Really just what we have now, we wanna print up some more stuff and then probably one day doing a full length? But we shall see what happens.

 Download their self-titled EP here and name your price.