Hartke HD50 1x10 Combo
Hartke HD50 1×10 Combo

I’ve been in the market for a new bass amp for a while now but didn’t want to break the bank, so I figured a mid-sized Hartke combo would be the best compromise between price and quality. After spending an hour trying out amps at Sam Ash, I settled on the HD50 and trekked off to my gig for the evening. At 50 watts, this cabinet is not nearly loud enough for me – even cranked all the way up, I was fighting the drummer all night for sonic space. At its price point ($199), the new 10″ HyDrive cab is actually pretty warm (cone is half aluminum, half paper). Without cutting a lot of treble, I did start to get a bit of ground noise around master level 6-7.. I want to reiterate that this whole combo costs $199. You could easily spend a few hundred dollars just on one good Celestion or Eminence cone. Overall, I’m slightly disappointed with Hartke and would rate this amp slightly lower than its comparables.. for a few extra bucks you could have a 100-watt, 1×10 Acoustic amp that bumps way louder and cleaner.