Zoom G1Xon Multi-effects Pedal
Zoom G1Xon Multi-effects Pedal

The G1Xon by Zoom is a multi-effects processor featuring an expression pedal that can be assigned to a number of settings. Overall, at around 9 inches long, and 5 inches wide, it is a compact piece of gear to either stand alone or compliment an arsenal.

The processor itself runs 24-bit, so although not the smoothest, the tones that it can produce are very clear. One thing I particularly enjoy is the wide variety of effects available, and the ability to use 5 at a time on a single bank.

One of my favorite presets, called “Museum”, is a heavily distorted, solid state rectifier, with a whammy pedal on the end for harmonic pitch bending. Sounds like this can be found in a lot of different styles of music, and this tone in particular is very versatile.

One thing that could be improved upon is the design of the processor. Although it feels sturdy, the fact that the faceplate itself is molded plastic does give a bit of a cheap feel. An aluminum face would fix this, and would not be too much more money.

Overall, for $70, I definitely think this pedal is worth owning, and is a step ahead of it’s competitors. Pick one up from Sweetwater here.