December 2015

Jukely deemed ‘Netflix of Concerts’


Definitely going to check out this service – Jukely is a startup that offers concert subscriptions in major cities across the US. Basically here’s how it works: Jukely charges $25 per month for a single user or $45 for a 2-person pass. Every day, Jukely posts new local concerts on their site. You request tickets for a show, and Jukely sends you a text message alert at midday before the show to let you know you’re on the guest list. You show up to the venue, announce your Jukely reservation, and enter the venue. Once you’ve checked in, your ticket is marked as redeemed and you may sign up for another concert. Some of the recent NYC events have been awesome – Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Pets @ Terminal 5, Erykah Badu @ Kings Theater.. I’m sure high-profile shows sell out quick, so if you want to get the free pass to your favorite show through Jukely, you’d better be waiting on their site 2 days prior at 11:00am! I can imagine people getting really frustrated if they can’t get into their first or second choice shows, but I would sign up just to see fresh bands every night.. Even if you hated the show, hey, you wouldn’t be out any cash.


What Moon Things releases ‘Space Jams’ EP

‘Space Jams’ by What Moon Things

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