New Cloudkicker album available – Name Your Price

Woum by Cloudkicker
Woum by Cloudkicker

Ben Sharp has just released Cloudkicker’s latest album, titled “Woum.” Now available on Bandcamp, name your price.


Review: Hartke HD50 1×10 Combo Amp

Hartke HD50 1x10 Combo
Hartke HD50 1×10 Combo

I’ve been in the market for a new bass amp for a while now but didn’t want to break the bank, so I figured a mid-sized Hartke combo would be the best compromise between price and quality. After spending an hour trying out amps at Sam Ash, I settled on the HD50 and trekked off to my gig for the evening. At 50 watts, this cabinet is not nearly loud enough for me – even cranked all the way up, I was fighting the drummer all night for sonic space. At its price point ($199), the new 10″ HyDrive cab is actually pretty warm (cone is half aluminum, half paper). Without cutting a lot of treble, I did start to get a bit of ground noise around master level 6-7.. I want to reiterate that this whole combo costs $199. You could easily spend a few hundred dollars just on one good Celestion or Eminence cone. Overall, I’m slightly disappointed with Hartke and would rate this amp slightly lower than its comparables.. for a few extra bucks you could have a 100-watt, 1×10 Acoustic amp that bumps way louder and cleaner.

Album review: Macseal EP

macseal EP
self-titled EP by Macseal

Rating: 4/5

Favorite track: 5:45 a.m. (Not fun)

Sounds like: Algernon Cadwallader, Modern Baseball, The Front Bottoms

New macseal is angsty. Just the right amount of Always Sunny reference.  I got to speak to rhythm guitar/vox Ryan Bartlett and discuss.


Axe Junkie: Did you guys self-produce?

Ryan: Yeah we self produced, our lead guitarist Cole (Szilagyi) did all the mixing.

AJ: Your Vanessa Carlton video was dope.

Ryan: Oh man haha yeah, that was a while back, but thank you!

AJ: Do you guys play out on Long Island often?

Ryan: We do yeah, this past summer was probably the most we have played for a while, but I think once we all reassemble we are gonna try doing some weekenders somewhere else just to get out there.

AJ: What kind of gear do you guys play?

Ryan: We all have some pretty varied stuff, me personally I go between a 68′ mustang which is my favorite, and a road worn tele, which is also cool as heck. I play through a twin reverb and as far as pedals I use an OCD over drive and a tuner, nothing major, the other dudes have similar setups, our lead guitarist uses a DL4 pretty frequently

AJ: Any plans for another release?

Ryan: Really just what we have now, we wanna print up some more stuff and then probably one day doing a full length? But we shall see what happens.

 Download their self-titled EP here and name your price.

Pretty & Nice: Yonkers – Live Session

Logan’s Run releases final EP, titled ‘Closure’

Closure, Logan's Run EP
Closure by Logan’s Run

It brings me much sadness/excitement to put out the final Logan’s Run EP – Closure. These two tracks – Interceptor & Pack-a-Punch were written/recorded by Ethan Tollin, Itamar Gov-Ari, Jason Zivic and Alessandro Chille in mid-2013; mixed by Jason Zivic at Z Music North (Connecticut) and mastered by Tony Gillis at The Cutting Room (NYC).

Logan’s Run built a solid live reputation, playing shows all over the tri-state area and opening for artists such as Blue Oyster Cult, Michael Franti, Buddy Guy, & Carlos Santana. Their first EP titled ‘Waist Deep’ (released by Lock City in Sept 2012) earned a 5-star rating on iTunes. For a short time, their new 2-track EP is available as a free digital download HERE in pretty much every format you could think up. You can also (maybe) still order their limited edition cassette for $5 plus shipping.

Mojo Pedals K2 Klone
Mojopedals K2 Klone

Got my hands on one of these guys a few months ago, and have been gigging with it steadily since. These days when I’m playing rhythm guitar for a gig, I’m finding myself stacking the K2 with another OD or clean boost and using it as my source of grit.If you don’t know the backstory behind the original Klon Centaur, let me break it down quickly:

In the early ’90s, a guitar enthusiast named Bill Finnegan began handcrafting a line of overdrive stompboxes that became an instant phenomenon in the world of boutique pedals. A limited number were produced, and today the original models sell on eBay between $800-1500.

There are literally thousands of clones on the market based off the Klon’s circuitry, and I got to play around with a few – the Electro-Harmonix Soul Food and the Lovepedal Kalamazoo. With all dials at half mast, the K2 provides so much more clarity than either of these mass produced pedals. Also, with the gain up around 7-8, the Soul Food starts to get extra hissy with the AC30 (even on clean).. I’m not getting any noise from this Mojopedal. Extra features include a buffer, and a bass boost that adds some low frequency girth. I’m digging the additional switches, but if you’re looking for an exact Centaur replica then the Lovepedal might be for you.

You can send all inquiries here.

Edit: I had some crackling issues with the K2 a few weeks ago – Rob told me to send it in – immediately diagnosed and fixed the issue. No problems since. Mojo customer service is spot on, and the build quality is still much higher than that of similarly-priced, machine-manufactured Klon clones.

Album Review: Joy Departed by Sorority Noise

Joy Departed by Sorority Noise

Rating: 4.5/5

Favorite track: Using

Sounds like: Brand New, Front Bottoms, Rozwell Kid

Punk’s not dead – at least not in Connecticut. Joy Departed, Sorority Noise’s must-grab sophomore LP, proves this affirmation with gusto. I first heard these dudes on the 2014 Topshelf Records digital sampler with their track “Medicore at Best” and was encouraged by their original-yet-revitalized, mid-2000’s era rawness. Joy Departed is a definitive step up from Sorority Noise’s debut release, Forgettable, in respect to arrangement and production value. Their new lineup, featuring Ryan McKenna of Prawn and Charlie Singer of Old Gray, seems to be producing more sophisticated guitar licks and emotionally provocative epithets, but without losing an ounce of the pop sensibility that first drew me toward this band. Frontman Cameron Boucher has never been afraid to pen his heart on his sleeve, transforming past drug use, failed love stories and mental health issues into a relatable product. Joy Departed is laden with finesse and craftsmanship.  Don’t miss Cameron Boucher’s acoustic set with Prawn and Oso Oso at SUNY Purchase this Friday, October 2. You can pick up Joy Departed on vinyl, CD, or digital download from Topshelf Records, or directly from Sorority Noise here.

RIP Jimi.. 45 years later and still relevant

Jimi Hendrix

Gone but never forgotten. One of the sickest guitarists to ever play the sport. What?

UPCOMING SHOW: Silver Things – 10/22 – Croton, NY

Silver Things at the Green Growler Tap Room - 10/22

Sounds like: Andrew McMahon – Wilco – M. Ward

Favorite track: Where Did It Begin?

TJ Piccirillo (of the Knock Out Kings, White Rose, Bird by Bird, Logan’s Run) has been operating solo under the handle ‘the Silver Things’ for a number of years now. Don’t miss him next month in Croton.. This guy is definitely one of the best acoustic singer/songwriters on the East Coast right now. His next EP, produced by CT engineer Jason Zivic, is going to drop in the next few months. This one, titled ‘Please’, will be on that album. Check out and download his tunes here.

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